I AM MUTHERFUCKIN NESS, BITCHES!!! (nihilistic_nes) wrote,

tell me life is more than maintaining a concentration of essential ions across our cells membranes

man, just a few weeks of school left. i guess the same thing will happen, as always happens when i am out of school and have time to hang out, and none of you fuckers will call me.

yeah, i see how it is.

vulture, if you read this, you should come pick up your knives. kurt sharpened them, but we keep using them, since they're just sitting here, and they're just going to get dull again. and i wanna see your wigwam, in a few weeks, when school's out.

i feel half dead.

i've had high speed internet in my apartment for, like two weeks now, and this is the first time i've posted.

one-sided love is better known as obsession
six years spent in doubt only left me to question
finally, for my health, i left you behind
little did i know what you had in mind
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