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Ooo, ooo, me too

a - age you got your first kiss: 13
b - band listening to right now: Choking Victem
c - crush: Kurtis Kahn
d - dad's name: Lyle
e - easiest person to talk to: Kurt or Sharee
f - favorite bands at the moment: social distortion makes me homesick so bad
g - gummy worms or bears?: all worms are kinda gummy
h - hometown: FtW is where I live, work, and play, but I grew up in the big-O
i - instruments: craking skulls
j- junior High: norhell middle school
l - longest car ride ever: Ossian to New Orleans, then to Florida
m - mom's name: Kathy
n - nicknames: Ness, Nessa, Messy Messy Vanessy, Vinny, Snot, the Pit Chick
o - one wish: mmmm, candy.....aw, shit i just wasted it on a passing thought, didn't i?
p - phobia[s]: SNAKES!!!! (made you look)
q - quote: "you want a toe? I can get you a toe."
r - reason to smile: love, life, and the ether i've been breathing in all day
s - song you sang last: the Specials--Too Hot
t - time you woke up today: 6:52, then 7:13, 7:26, 7:39, then finally 8:26 and i was late to lab
u - unknown fact about you: if i told, then it wouldn't be unknown now would it? and i wouldn't have anything to put on the next silly survey.
v - vegetable you hate: peas suck
w - worst habit(s): breathing in chemicals
x - x-rays you've had: teeth and head, at least,others i'm sure, but i don't remember the head one
y - yummy food: anything that used to bleed, and chocolate
z - zodiac sign: pisces
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