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The Adventures of Ness

7 March
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I realize a lot of these bios are defined in terms of relationships, but I suppose we can't help it if we know what defines us.
Life started around fifteen with a drunken summer fling with the Backdoor, yes, the Backdoor was my first true love. This was followed by an exciting one night stand with the Loft. Then came an affair with North Side Park that was so loud the neighbors complained. (I cheated on North Side with Frankie Park and Memorial Park.) Finally, there was my long term with the Art Factory, this was true love, but he got in trouble with Johnny Law for letting the kids drink. I also met a nice young Emerson and had a few pleasant dates, as well as an evening from hell with Rehearsal Studios. I was propsitioned by a hopeful Freedom House and turned him down flat. Burning Trash had been a pleasant makeout buddy, until he also got slapped with a noise ordinance ticket: this ended this edgy affair. I am searching rather unsuccessfully for a meaningful relationship close to home, but honestly I think I may be outgrowing the dating scene.